Floor Care

Hard Surface Floor Care

First impressions are very important in any business. Protect you image and your investment by properly maintaining your hard surface floors throughout the year. We offer several types of floor care depending on what your needs are.

  • Stripping and Finishing removes the old finish and then we apply (4) coats ( 25% solids) of high gloss finish.
  • Scrub and Recoat scrubs floor to remove blemishes and debris then apply two(2) coats (25% solids) of high gloss floor finish.
  • Buff and Burnish requires buffing the floor surface using low speed buffer then burnishing the floor with a high-speed burnisher to rejuvenate and restore glossy appearance.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Good carpet care starts with regular vacuuming. By vacuuming daily or weekly, depending on traffic, surface soil and debris will be removed. Even by vacuuming regularly soil can be set in the carpet and it will need to be cleaned. We have several ways to keep you carpets looking their best.

  • Carpet Spotting is great for those times when accidents happen. We can remove those stains before they get set in.
  • Bonneting & Extraction is a great way to thoroughly clean you carpets by first treating carpet with chemical then bonneting, which removes or loosens the soil on the top of carpet pile and just below the carpet surface. The carpet is them extracted using state of the art carpet cleaning equipment.